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Henry Rosen

Don't be so quick to downplay the way the rest of the modern, western world does things, ie, some form of single payer system. The fact remains that life expectancy in most of those countries is higher than in the US - so it's not as if our system has paid tremendous dividends. And on a cost per patient basis, we are INCREDIBLY inefficient. Part of the problem is our expectations, too. Doctors expect to make $500K a year, patients expect heroic measures and demand punishment (Lawsuits) for every mistake.

Rosanna Appelt

You know-- it's this kind of story that makes me sad about the standards of care in this country. Or rather-- that there is NO standard.

It's completely hit or miss.

I've seen people get incredible care at JPS, and substandard care from Arlington Memorial. I've seen CareNow clear up a child's ear infection with no problem at all, and I've seen a woman have to have the lower part of her leg amputated because someone at CareNow told her to go home and "wait to see if the swelling went down".. when in fact-- she very clearly had been bitten by a black widow spider.

Why can't we just see a simple, across-the-board level of care? I'm TOTALLY willing to pay for that. Guess I'll just stick with my high-deductible, low-premium plan allowed by my current employer and hope that when Isaac breaks his arm in a karate sparring class, that I'll catch one of these facilities on a GOOD day.


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